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Do you want to Start your own Business? 

Read "Born to be in Business" Words of Wisdom that point out you already started.

Competitive Advantage is Essential for a New Business Venture to Succeed and Survive Long Term.

The entry strategy must be so compelling that the new enterprise gains momentum over the competition early on. Furthermore the entrepreneur must be thinking several moves ahead to ensure long term leadership with a rewarding return on investment.

It is helpful, but not necessary, if the entrepreneur thinks like a virtuoso Master Chess performer. Don't be intimidated, strategy is easy to learn when you know the basics. An experienced Coach or Mentor can quickly guide you to fill in the blanks.

Are You Ready to Start Your New Business Venture with a Coach at Your Side?

There is nothing more exciting than thinking about starting your own business. It's often easier to move thought into action if you have a mentor to guide and encourage you.  Click on Coach to consider Business Coaching, an experienced helping hand that will save you money and time.

Perhaps you would prefer to start by attending a Seminar. Click on "How to Start a New Business" and consider reserving your spot.

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Is Your Business Losing Ground to Competitors? Are Expectations for Your Business Not being Met? Perhaps you Need a Strategy Check Up! 

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day challenges of the moment. So easy to focus on operating the business and lose sight of where you are going and what your purpose is. 

Today with a 24 hour news cycle and pundits that are asked to comment on the latest up tick or down tick its very difficult to think and execute for long term benefit.

The thought of strategic planning feels like a chore. So what can we do? I have come up with "Strategy Made Simple". It is an easy to do Strategy Check Up that relies on existing company knowledge and judgement. After a check up it makes sense to embark on programs to increase the value of your business in 1 to 3 years.

Perhaps you would prefer to feel comfortable with strategy by attending a seminar, Click on "How to Strategize a New Business" and consider reserving your spot.

Before embarking on such programs with mentoring and coaching by me and VenRaD LLC, You and I must be comfortable that the programs can be a win for both parties. Therefore I offer a Strategy Check Up free of charge after a two interview selection process. Contact me using the form above for a free consultation.
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